Greetings from Filipe

Hi everyone ,

my name is Filipe Dias and I come from Brazil and I was an exchange student in Finland from August 2017 until July 2018.

My year was wonderful and full of great experiences and nice people that I will keep forever in my memories.

Filipe with his fellow exchange students from district 1420.

The best moments I had in my exchange were the first week on the introduction camp where I met all the other students, the Lapland tour where I could meet Santa Claus and snowboard with many of my friends, my birthday with such funny stories of this day and my Eurotour that I consider the trip of my life. On this trip I could discover new countries that I never thought I would be able to. And of course I had bad moments too missing my family and friends and all the special events back home.

I could experience the Finnish school system and then I saw why it has the best education in the world. All the students are focused and full of good opportunities to evolve in life and become better people.

I had special connexion with all my families and I thank them for giving me good treatment and teaching me how  become a better man. This year changed me in a way that I can’t explain in just words. I’ve become more open-minded and understand other cultures and at the same time, I’ve become more mature.

To all the next students, I’ll tell you one thing: enjoy the ups and downs of your exchange cause they will make you better in the end. Enjoy this icy country that I like to call home.

Filipe rolling a huge snowball
Filipe on skies and his friend on snowboard. Let’s go down the hill!

Best Regards,


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